Metal containers

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Metal production

Metal containers

We offer comprehensive services in the production of metal containers, trolleys and other steel structures. We have a high quality development department, which will design the most effective solution with 3D visualization and technical documentation. We are constantly monitoring new trends in the treatment of metal containers in industrial logistics.


Our goal is custom design and delivery of comprehensive customer solutions in metal containers and trolleys including plastic boxes, foam and thermoformed panels, textile inserts and covers.  



- Standardized containers

- Customer containers

- Renovation of containers

- Transportationtrucks to trains

- Hand-driven transport trolleys



- Internal logistics

- External logistics


Implementation process:

- Analysis of the planned packaging

- Solution proposal

- 3D complete visualization documentation

- Sample testing

- Shipments in series ( if needed)



- Welding of steel structures

- Pressing

- Bending

- CNC Plasma Cutting

- Treatment of materials

According to customer specifications, we offer:

- Development of quality metal containers 
- a comprehensive solution inserts for metal containers (textiles, foam)

- 3D visualization design 
- providing samples
- supply series at reasonable prices

Metal pallets with textile insert - Automotive

Custom palette - Automotive


Metal containers for bulk materials

Standard primary packaging - Renault