Textile dunnage

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Industrial sewing


Through our industrial sewing we offer maximum protection for your products during transportation. We use a wide range of industrial fabrics in different weights, which are mainly used in returnable packaging in the automotive industry. Most of these materials are in stock. Due to manual final inspectionof the goods, we guarantee the protection of your parts.


Our goal is custom design and delivery of comprehensive customer solutions in textile products including plastic boxes and containers, foam and thermoformed fillings, metal containers and trucks.  



- Separators in boxes

- Inserts into pallet containers

- Inserts into metal containers

- Textile sheets and covers


Types of material:

- Tyvek

- Non-woven fabric (spunbund)

- PVC - canvas

- PVC - film

- Coating fabric

- Evolon

- ESD - Textiles

- Cotton



- Automotive

- Industrial Logistics

- Food

- Electrical industry

- Consumer goods


Implementation process:

- Analysis of the planned packaging

- Solution proposal

- 3D complete visualization documentation

- Sample testing

- Shipments in series ( if needed)

Example of of nonstandard solutions

Folding textile separator