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Ecology a Recykling process


comparison card board plastic and paper carton recyclability:


Production and recycling process of card board plastic

Modern, environmentally friendly alternative to returnable and reusable packaging. It serves as a replacement for the conventional carton boards.

Card board plastic is produced by continuous extrusion of polypropylene granules. 

The Recycling process of card board plastic without any additives. Recycled plastic is simply crushed and then processed into granules. These pellets are added to the granules of pure polypropylene.




Carton paper production and recycling process:

Paper recycling is a complicated process, which is very demanding of water consumption. The polluted water is then returned back into our rivers. Not every type of paper is suitable for recycling. As we mentioned above, due to the large consumption of water, all the paper mills located directly on the shores of our rivers.