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Smart Product Solution offered and implemented in the field of automotive industrial packaging needs. Increasing the efficiency of the supply chain.

The automotive industry today requires ever more flexible approach. In regards to the growing demands of consumers, while an emphasis on reducing overall costs. We respond to these challenges through innovation -Projecting production process and logistics.

Thanks to our experience in industrial packaging and manufacturing logistics processes, we help our customers evaluate how to reduce overall packaging costs.

- Excellent response time for problem solving

- Experienced staff with extensive knowledge in the field of industrial packaging

Comprehensive solutions - our goal is customer design and deliver comprehensive customer solutions.

Cartonplast custom packaging

Stacking boxes

Corrugated plastic dunnage

Inserts into boxes

Plastic transport packaging

KLT + Euro boxes

Pallet containers

Thermoformed trays

Metal shipping and handling packaging

Metal containers

Metal pallets

Transport trolleys

Foam cushioning

Foam dunnage

Foam cells separators

Foam tray for tools