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Plastic packaging

Plastic boxes (crates): customized, KLT, special boxes
We also offer some equipment for the boxes: plastic dunnage, textile dunnage, foam inserts and trays, thermoformed trays.
We have patented a special solution of our foldable and collapsible boxes. Based on these boxes we can offer high efficiency solution of logistics process.

Custom plastic boxes

custom plastic boxes:
- folding boxes
- collapsible boxes
- stacking boxes
- flapping boxes
- product cases
- special boxes


Pallet containers

Types of pallet conatiners:
- collapsible pallet containers
- big boxes
- collapsible big boxes

Corrugated plastic dunnage

We offer design and production corrugated plastic dunnage (separators) according to customer specification.

Thermopformed trays

For group-processesand packaging of certain products we manufacture plastic thermoformed trays, suitable for storage and transportation of various products from small components to assembled parts.

ESD products

ESD products
- custom boxes
- containers, klt boxes
- pallets
- textile dunnage
- thermoformed trays


Product packaging

Design and delivery of plastic product packaging - boxes and suitcases according to the customers dimensions. Delivery in flat pack - easy folding (just in time).

Containers, KLT boxes

Types of containers, KLTboxes:
- stackable boxes
- rack and storage boxes
- space saving boxes


Plastic pallets

We offer plastic pallets (light, medium, heavy duty). We also offer ESD plastic pallets.

Promotional items

Comprehensive packaging solutions promotional items with use of foam insert.

Metal containers, Metal pallets, racks

Metal containers, Metal Pallets, racks:
We offer a wide range of customized and standardized products: metal containers, metal pallets, trolleys lean manufacturing.
We have also some equipment for metal products: plastic dunnage, textile dunnage, foam trays and inserts, thermoformed trays.

Metal containers

We focus on the production of special metal pallet mainly for the automotive industry.

Metal pallets

We focus on the production of metal pallets with certification.


We offer a wide range of transport trolleys for lean manufacturing.

Foam cushioning and fillings

Foam fillings are primarily used as cushioning material in various industries.
Maximal protection of the packaged products can be achived by lamination of the individual layers of foam, combinated with different densities of the material.
PE foams can be cut, plottered and combined into desired shapes using heat. The foam imitate the surface of the packed product, which result in the highest possible fixation and protection.

Folding foam fixation

Foam dunnage

Foam fixation

Foam fixation is primarily used in combination with product cases and boxes.


Foam trays for tools

Foam boxes

Self-adhesive foam pads


Aluminum cases

Injection molded cases

Plastic cases

Smart Product Solution s.r.o. deals with development, production and delivery of complex solutions in the field of returnable and reusable packaging.

Our main markets:
- automotive industry
- manufacturing industry
- consumer goods

Our main activities are:
- analysis of current or planned logistics process
- complete design of a new solution or optimization of a current solution
- complete documentation, 3D visualization
- samples production for a customer's approval
- final products delivery according to the approved sample